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When the festival is over, there is a curious question that arises: what are the cultural activities in August 2019 in Avignon?

In this article, we will give you tips to take advantage of the different cultural activities available for you in August 2019 in Avignon.

Helios: a show of emerging sound and light free all the month of August 2019 in Avignon.

This year again, the Hélios show returns to Avignon. There are 4 systems across the city center. Two of these installations shows the digital images with light on monument along with sound and another two installations are plain color light with music.

In Pie Square, the installation is a luminous circle in height. We have the opportunity to enjoy this show from inside or outside the system.

In the place Saint Didier, it is an installation that offers passers-by to participate in the evolution of lights with buttons on the trees. By pressing, we change the color of the lights.

The city hall offers a sound and light historical show. The person in charge of the show relied on the architectural style of the city hall to take us on a journey to ancient Greece.

Finally as every year since the beginning of Helios, it is on the facade of the small palace that we find the last show. This year, China is in the spotlight for the beginning of the show.

These systems will be seen every evening of August 2019 in Avignon from 22:00 to midnight.

The exhibition Ecce Homo Ernest Ernest Pignon:

As every year, the Palais des Papes offers an exhibition in the room of the large audience. This year it is the French artist Ernest Pignon Ernest who is exposed. Since 1966, he has created ephemeral works in the streets of the world. All his art is at the service of his political commitments.


There are no less than 400 works by the artist grouped together for this exhibition. With an entrance to the Pope’s Palace you have access to Ecce Homo. The exhibition is superb, the works are very well developed in this large audience. You have to go there!

Ecce Homo, Palace of the Popes until February 29, 2020.

A-out Festival The A-Out festival is Avignon’s amateur theatre festival

To be able to give a chance to amateur companies that have reduced access to the festival, to be able to perform under the same conditions as professionals. This year, the festival is held in 10 theatres and it offers thirty art pieces. This is the moment for those who want to enjoy the theatre shows to experience it in less frenetic conditions than during the festival.

You have time until August 10, 2019 to enjoy this second festival. For more information click here.

The exhibition Aki Kuroda:

This is not the first time that we admire the work of Aki Kuroda in Avignon. Indeed, in 1993, he had made eye catching sets for the festival of Avignon.

This year, the museum Lapidaire offers an exhibition of art by Aki Kuroda.

The Lapidary Museum is free, as all municipal museums in the city.

The exhibition of Aki Kuroda is available until September 29, 2019.

The Picasso exhibition at the Angladon Museum

For those who have never visited the Angladon museum, it is absolute necessity to go there. T

he museum includes the collection of Jacques Doucet, famous Parisian couturier and also art lover. He left his collection to Jean and Paulette Angladon who decided to open the family business to show the collections.

It’s our luck in Avignon to have paintings by Cezanne, Van Gogh, Degas, Sisley or Modigliani. The museum also has beautiful pieces decorated from the eighteenth century.

In August 2019 in Avignon, in this museum, you will have the opportunity to see a attractive exhibition of drawings by Picasso. The exhibition will be there until September 22, 2019. For more information, click here.

Les Noctambules d’Avignon:

Open every evening of August 2019 in Avignon.

To finish the cultural tour of the month of August 2019 in Avignon, we request you to visit our social media pages, les Noctambules d’Avignon.

Les Noctambules are 4 circuits of discovery of the night from the dusk.

The Noctambule of the Pope: it is the circuit centered on the papal period of Avignon. More information here.

The Noctambule between past and present: this circuit is focused in the vestiges of the past and puts them in perspective in relation to the present. More information here.

The Noctambule between Christians and Bourgeois: this night owl takes us to the most unknown streets of Avignon despite their history. More information here.

The Noctambule of the square: each place has its history and that is what we will discover. More information here.

To conclude, enjoy the month of August 2019 in Avignon to discover or explore the city’s heritage and culture. Cheers!

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