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The Farandole of squares:
Visit Avignon through its emblematic squares

It is unexpected that in a medieval town to come across squares. Yet they are at the center of the historic life of Avignon. This sightseeing tour in Avignon will introduce you to discover the most beautiful squares in the city.

This day tour will allow you to visit the emblematic squares of the city and to understand their history and their meaning behind their names. You will travel from square to square with unexpected discoveries. It is the only out of all tours which focusing on the squares.

Come and take advantage of this sightseeing tour in Avignon to explore at the squares. They are all unique.

Introduction of the tour

I will be waiting for you in front of the Republique gate (Porte de la République), outside. I will invite you to discover the history of the city through an introduction. From there, you will start to visit the various squares of the city. I will explain where the name of holy bodies square comes from. At the same time, you will see the historical heritage that can be found in this square. We will continue to walk towards other hidden places. Together, you will discover the sculptures that can be seen in the pedestrian streets of the city. You will get to know a funny story about a statue that has been moved. One of the places you will visit has Roman ruins. I will take this opportunity to tell you about the origin of the city.

Passing through small alleys, you will understand the meaning of the paintings that line the walled windows of Avignon. Finally, you will arrive on the most legendary and the most important place of the city’s squares, the Palace square. There, I will explain how the Popes arrived to Avignon.

In addition to the squares, you will see 3 of the 5 prettiest churches in the city. This sightseeing tour in Avignon is designed to amaze you as well as give you the keys to understand the history of the city.

With this authentic visit to Avignon, you will understand the history of the city as well as recent developments. The walk is combined by sad, funny or surprising stories. I will tell you about the lives of very important men in the history of Avignon.

sightseeing tour in Avignon

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Best of Avignon, private tour
Best of Avignon, private tour, Visit Avignon

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3 hours night walking tour

Customer reviews

“Excellent experience thanks to our very warm, passionate and knowledgeable guide Vincent. Lots of information on the history of Avignon and its Popes but above all a lot of anecdotes distilled over the walk which made the visit exciting and lively. More than the dates and figures, we will remember the elements that shaped the extraordinary destiny of this beautiful city. The two hours seemed very short to us – Vincent was very helpful in providing advice on how to organize the rest of our stay on our own. We will have to come back to discover Avignon from a different perspective and of course with Vincent! ” France, September 2020


I was born and raised in Avignon. I love this city for its history, its culture and its unusual places. With the Noctambules, I want to pass on my passion for this city to you. You want to know more about me, it’s over here.


During this tourist visit to Avignon, you will discover in a friendly and dynamic way:

  • the most beautiful squares in the city
  • Many city’s secret stories
  • the places that have made the history of the city
  • magical places