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Vincent Pasquinelli

I am a beauty shower


It will be my pleasure to be your guide during your stay in our beautiful region. I will definitely make it a worth and value for money experience.

A native of the country

My name is Vincent Pasquinelli, I was lucky to have parents who decided to settle in Avignon before I was born. I was born in Avignon. I grew up in the shadow of the Palais des Papes. My playground for a long time was the ancient streets and ramparts of the city. I lived in Avignon until I was 25 years young. My childhood was rocked by the mistral and great artists like Jean Vilar, Joseph Vernet or Réné Char.

See other horizons

But like every sincere love story, there is a moment when you have to separate. I went to live in Barcelona for 10 years and 3 years in India. During this long period, I learned more about my job and got to know my passion. I started to get training in tourism by passing a license of sustainable tourism. After graduation, I started looking for a job. I was recruited by a tour agency in Barcelona which made me become a professional tour guide. This job fascinated me.

A real passion is born

I have a passion for the job of tour guide for two main reasons.

The first is the story. How not to be interested in history when you grew up at the roots of the largest Gothic palace in the world. I have always loved the history. This subject was that I had the best grade in the baccalaureate.

The second reason is the contact with the customer. When we are a guide, we have direct contact with the client and we must do our utmost to convey our passion for the city that we show.

My experience

I was a tour guide in Barcelona for 2 years. I was doing walking tours around the old town and the new neighborhoods. I did these tours in English, French and Spanish.

I had the chance to meet Akash during a trip to Taiwan. After he invited me to visit his hometown in India, we created a tours and travel agency in Aurangabad. I passed on everything I knew about the job of tour guide. During the winter, I go to Aurangabad to continue developing this agency.

Back to the sources

As I explained above, I am in deep love for the Avignon. I come back regularly to this city. Once in the evening after having meal with a friend, I decided to show him the city in the night. This allows you to see the monuments in a different way when world begin to stop work. So an idea of ​​night owls came from there. To discover the city at dusk, when the heat goes away, and the streets are quiet.

Your guide

My commitments:

By studying sustainable tourism, I pledge to respect the principles.

 What I do:

Explains you the history of the monuments of the city

I answer all your questions and questions.

We will blend in the scenery for a better immersion.

I will give you information on upcoming cultural events

What I do not do:

I do not use a sound device during the tour to avoid noise pollution at night and to have a direct experience.

I do not simplify history or culture

Invade a space by denaturing it.