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The night owl of the popes

This tour begins at the entrance of the gate of Oulle (porte de l’Oulle) and will end in front of the Pope palace (palais des papes). For two hours, we will walk in the most emblematic streets from the middle ages of the city. We will meet great men who have given Avignon its nobility. You will discover the little story that made the great history of Avignon.

We will enjoy the cool weather of the night and the lights of the city to discover the hidden treasures of the capital of Christianity from the 14th century.

The tour begins at the gate of l’Oulle ( porte de l’Oulle). We will follow the ramparts to the bridge Saint Benezet (le pont Saint Benezet). From there, we will travel from the metro city to the 14th century past. We will follow the ancient ramparts of the 13th century. We will see some emblematic churches of Avignon to pass in front of the beautifully constructed town hall then to finish at the entrance of the Pope palace (palais des Papes).

Le pont levis du pont d'Avignon

The tour is adaptable for people with disabilities. Please notify us when booking.


Walking tour for 2 hours


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