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The Night owl between Bourgeois and Christians

Night tour in Avignon

The Night owl between Bourgeois and Christians is a night tour in Avignon that takes you through the little known alleys of the city. It is the Night owl among the four that will take you further from the off beaten track.

This Night owl will explain you to discover a hidden side of the city. I will teach you to read the signs left by the time on the walls. You will see, how the Christians were first and then the bourgeois shaped the city. They are the ones who gave the soul and heart to the city we know.

Description of the Night owl

The starting point for the Night owl between Bourgeois and Christians is in front of the Carme Church (l’église des Carmes) on the Carmes square. This large square is the ideal place to start this night tour of Avignon. I will start with an historical introduction of the city in order to give you a idea of the tour. You will then start heading towards the small secret alleys of the city. I will show you facades on the apartment buildings where you can know history.

At the turn of a street, you will understand what the arrival of the Popes has brought like as in changes in the city. You will then descend into these little-known alleys full of hidden treasures and unusual stories. I will show you large bourgeois houses dating from the 18th century. You will understand why the alleys are winding. As you leave these alleys, you will discover a unique church and I will explain about the different groups of religions that have been created in the city. You will pass in front of a building steeped in history and you will see how it will evolve. When you approach the Popes Palace, I will tell you about the dark hours of the French Revolution. I will show the origin of the city. You will end this walk in front of the Popes Palace.

This night tour of Avignon will allow you to discover unusual places that are completely off the beaten track.

Visite de nuit d'Avignon, palais des Papes

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Visite de nuit d'Avignon
visite Avignon

The circuit is adaptable for people with disabilities. Please let us know when booking.


Walking night tour for 2 hours


Vincent gave us a very enriching and instructive experience, he is passionate about his city. Far from the usual tourist trails, a visit to these small streets of Avignon takes on a very special charm at night. We learned many anecdotes and the (very rich) history of this city in a different way. Not to spoil anything, Vincent completes his visit by suggesting good places to visit (for the taste buds or our culture). Thanks again ! Thank you again, we had a great time! ” Mathilde, September 2020


Growing up at the foot of the Palais des Papes, my love for the history of Avignon grown gradually. I want to pass on some of this love to you. To learn more about my background.


During this tourist visit to Avignon, you will discover things in a friendly and dynamic way:

  • small secret alleys
  • places hidden in the history
  • buildings, full of mystery
  • the amazing stories