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All about Avignon

Avignon is a surprising, bewitching city full of history. You can visit several times and still discover new things. But not everyone has the time to spend a week in Avignon.

I’d like to take you on a tour of the city’s 5 UNESCO World Heritage monuments. In just one hour, you’ll understand the history of the 14th-century Christian capital and have the keys to making the most of your stay in Avignon. You’ll know all about Avignon in just one hour.

With this one-hour tour, you’ll discover the legend of the Pont d’Avignon, see what the cardinals have contributed to the city, not forgetting the most beautiful of buildings, the Palais des Papes.

Introduction to the tour :

The starting point of this circuit is located in front of the Porte du Rhône, on the outside. From there, you will see one of the most emblematic monuments of Avignon, the Pont d’Avignon. We will see how this bridge changed the history of the city. Before entering the city walls, you can appreciate the ramparts. These allow Avignon to be often named in the tops of the most beautiful fortified towns in France. You will cross the Libra district, which has lived a particular history from the birth of the city to the present day.

After having seen one of the most beautiful virgins of the city, we will go up by small streets until the place of the palace. It is here that you will understand the importance of the cardinals in the evolution of the city. You will discover one of the most beautiful palaces of cardinals, the small palace. We will then head to the Palace of the Popes. We will stop in front of the cathedral before ending on the centerpiece of Avignon architecture.

We will finish with directions for the rest of your stay in the papal city.

Tout sur Avignon, Avignon a petit prix

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Tout sur Avignon, Avignon a petit prix

This tour includes climbing stairs. This is a best thing to do to get out of your boredom and feel safe while walking around the city. Please contact us to find the best tour for you.


Walking tour for 1 hour.

Reviews from customers

We were only in Avignon for 1 1/2 days so we had to choose something that would give us an excellent overview. This was perfect! I would highly recommend taking Vincent’s 1 hour tour at the start of any visit to Avignon. It is a dense and highly informative hour that will give you lots of information. You can then decide where to focus your efforts and time depending on your tastes. This is highly recommended. His English is excellent. ” Heather, May 2023


I am from Avignon. Growing up at the foot of the Palais des Papes made me fall in love for this city and gradually, it grows in me. If you want to know more about me, it’s over here.


During this tour, you will discover in a friendly and dynamic way:

  • the elements that make up the present city
  • forgotten historical figures
  • secret addresses for unique experiences
  • events that changed the people of Avignon