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Summer and heat waves are finally here. What is better than discovering the most beautiful skyshade places for drinks in Avignon.

The houseboat Althea: Have a drink in Avignon at the edge of the river

Péniche Althea

It is an associative place that has a bar. The location of the houseboat is marvellous. From here, you can admire the palace of the Popes. It has fresh juices and herbal teas to make your evening refreshing. The map evolves with the seasons.

Péniche Althea

Houseboat Althea To enjoy your juice or herbal tea, you have the opportunity to enjoy the terrace located on the deck of the houseboat. From there, you can admire the city in peace while riding on the water below.

ou boire un verre à Avignon

If you prefer, you can also sit in the garden under the shade of tall trees. Everything is done in peace so that you spend a calm and pleasant moment, far from the tumult of the city. A perfect place to take a break between two visits or two plays during the festival.

The opening hours of the houseboat are Tuesday to Friday from 10h to 18h.

For more information, you can check their site here.

The rooftop HE: the rooftop as a terrace

The HE terrace is located on the fourth floor opposite the Hotel de l’Europe. It is ideally located to have a view of Place Crillon, the town hall and the Pope palace.

Où boire un verre à Avignon

Où boire un verre à Avignon

There is a wide choice of appetizers or cold drinks. You can also enjoy a coffee while admiring the view. At noon, you have the opportunity to eat on site.

The opening hours of the rooftop HE are from Monday to Friday from 9h to 17h and Saturday from 11h to 17h

L’Explo: drinking a beer with a view of historical church of the Cordeliers

Eglise des Cordeliers

We already talked about the Explo in this article. This bar offers a wide variety of craft and regional beers. 3 beautiful elements surround this terrace. The first is the street of dyers, one of the most beautiful streets of the city. There is also the bell tower of the Cordeliers church. And finally Sorguette flowing on one side of the terrace. The place is ideal to relax between two shows during the festival. It is also a terrace that lends itself perfectly in the early evening. At the weekend, there are often concerts to enjoy.

Rue des teinturiers

L’Explo welcomes you from Tuesday to Saturday from 17h to 1h30 in the morning.

For more information, you can check their Facebook page here

La Mirande: the most chic terrace for a drink in Avignon

When one is in front of the Mirande, one can be impressed by the facade of the XVIIth century realized by Pierre II Mignard. The interior decoration is also extremely refined. It’s not just a 5-star hotel or a 1-star Michelin restaurant. It is also a tea cafe.

Boire un verre à Avignon entre luxe et histoire

Take a sip of drink in Avignon between luxury and history In the afternoon, you can come and relax. Drinking a glass of Mirande is a drink between luxury and history. You will have the palace of the Popes in the background. The entrance to La Mirande is just in front of the exit of the palace. It is therefore an ideal combination between visit and relaxation.









La Mirande has a very extensive tea menu where everyone can find happiness. You can also have a coffee or a cold drink. I often say it during  night tour  if you come to Mirande, you must visit the toilet. Indeed, they are the most beautiful toilets you will ever see.

The Mirande Tea cafe is open every afternoon.

You can check their website here.

The Barbu’s hut: A place apart This terrace is a bit special.

This is a new place created within the Bourgas farm. In recent years, the farm has been selling fruit and vegetables on site (in organic conversion). The Barbu’s hut was created quite recently. The goal is to offer a meeting place and trade around fresh and organic products.

une des plus belles terrasses pour boire un verre à Avignon

You will be welcomed by a smiling and dynamic team. A wide selection of drinks, you are offered with fruit juices, beers, wine. You also have the opportunity to nibble homemade fries with the farm’s potatoes.

la cabane du barbu

The Barbu’s hut It is a real moment out of time and out of the frenzy of the world that you are proposed. Little more, there are also games for children.

Not being the main activity of the farm, the Barbu’s hut is open only Wednesday afternoon from 16:30 to 18:00 and Saturday from 9h to 12:30.

You can visit their Facebook page here.

You can discover a new way to visit the city. Avignon night owls are night tours in the streets of Avignon. More information here.


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