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Tour by night for discover Avignon

We invite you to discover Avignon, city of the Middle Ages, capital of Christianity in the 14th century in an original way.

Night owls are nocturnal walking tours on the streets of the city. It’s a trip inside the history. Be enchanted by the lights that illuminate the most emblematic buildings of the city.

The night allows an intimate visit in the calm and far from the summer heat. You will discover small streets with a rich history, Roman ruins, atypical characters. All in a relaxed atmosphere to share a good time.

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Discover the Night owls

The night owl of Pope

Découvrir Avignon

This tour is focused on the papal period of Avignon with the changes which happened during the Pope's time


The night owl between Christians and present

Découvrir Avignon

Since 14th century what both communities have brought to the city, we will explore that.


The night owl between past and present

Rue des tenturiers

This night owl is about going in the vestiges of the past and puts them together in perspective with present


The night owl of Villeneuve lez Avignon

VIlleneuve lez Avignon, Night tour

Discover the unknown but beautiful Villeneuve lez Avignon by night


Discover others circuits

For a complete tour of the city center of Avignon and the community of agglomeration, I suggest you meet us during the day. Either to visit the medieval squares from the ramparts of the historic center of Avignon or by visiting unusual places. You will discover mansions, chapels, churches, cloisters.

I also suggest you visit the medieval town of Villeneuve lez Avignon born around an abbey, to discover the treasures left by the cardinals. You will meet Cardinal Antoine Aubert who gave the city its finest monument.

All about Avignon

Tout sur Avignon, Avignon a petit prix

Discover Avignon at low prices with a one-hour tour. You will understand everything about Avignon and you will have the keys to continue your visit of the city in the best conditions.


Around the Palace

Le palais des papes, visiter Avignon, découvrir Avignon, visite d'Avignon en groupe

This circuit will allow you to discover the history of Avignon by turning around the Palace of the Popes. We will see particular bell towers and unique places such as the Notre Dame des Doms cathedral.


Between King and Pope

Villeneuve lez Avignon, visiter Villeneuve lez Avignon

Leave the inner city to discover Villeneuve lez Avignon. This city was created by a king and developed thanks to the Popes. You will visit picturesque places that will charm you.

Votre guide à Avignon, your guide in Avignon

Your guide in Avignon

Discover Avignon with me

My name is Vincent Pasquinelli. I am a native of Avignon and I will be delighted to show you Avignon from a different and original angle.

I am in love with my hometown. As I often say, I was lucky to be born in the most beautiful city in France. Since 2018, I have decided to make travel my passion and take you to discover walk in the night.

I started to be a tour guide in Barcelona and also in India. Discover my unusual journey.

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Reviews and press articles about night owls

Lover of his city, generous, Vincent transmits his passion to each point of interest. Necessarily.

Cultivated, he delivers historical explanations, lifts the veil on curiosities, points the finger at architectural details that only an initiate will be able to notice, confides to us anecdotes and other mysteries of the depths of his knowledge.


Very pleasant and rewarding visit. To do at the start of the holiday, if possible, because we had a lot of information on visits to museums and churches. And follow Vincent's advice: Get lost a little! Avignon has beautiful streets.

Christine BTripAdvisor

A passionate speaker who knows how to transmit his love for his city and its history. The night visit allows you to discover the city in a different aspect thanks to the night atmosphere and the lighting that enhances the buildings.Moreover without the heat which is appreciable in the heat wave! Visit made with my 83 year old mom (good walker). I recommend.


What a pleasure to stroll through the small alleys of Avignon, to their street lamps, in silence, with an educated, friendly and playful guide, who always has little nuggets to offer us (I don't tell you anything, surprise, he must go).

Stef- hiriTripAdvisor

I did not see the two hours pass! The ride was perfect to start my trip, and it was great to walk around and see the city at night, something I probably wouldn't have done on my own.
Thank you for this visit and for the advice for the rest of my stay!

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