Night tours

Discover the 4 night owls of Avignon

The Night owls cover almost the entire historic centre of Avignon. Each circuit has its own theme and a unique course. To discover them, click on the picture next to

The night owl of Pope

This tour is focused on the papal period of Avignon with the changes which happened during the Pope’s time.

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The night owl between past and present

This tour is about going in the vestiges of the past and puts them together in perspective with the present.

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The night owl between Christians and Bourgeois

Since the 14th century what both communities have bought to the city, we will explore that.

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The night owl of squares

We will visit the emblematic squares of the city with their particularity.

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Le palais des Papes de nuit HistoireMonument
Tuesday May 21st, 2019

Popes builders of Avignon

The term Popes builders of Avignon generally designates Popes Benedict XVI and Clement VI. In this article, I invite you to discover the emblematic buildings…
Pétrarque et Laure HistoireNon classé
Wednesday May 1st, 2019

The small History of Avignon

The city of Avignon has a great and beautiful history but this story is peppered with little stories that have made great/inspring men. The purpose…
Les remparts d'Avignon HistoireMonument
Wednesday January 23rd, 2019

Les ramparts of Avignon

Avignon is one of the few cities in France that still has its fortifications from the 14th century. The ramparts of Avignon still surrounds the…